The research includes the distribution of two electronic questionnaires. Two groups of respondents will be addressed, students and teachers. The purpose of conducting the questionnaires is to get information about the effects of the increased use of blended learning in the pandemic period and how these effects influenced students and teachers in the educational process after Covid-19.

The questionnaire for teachers will mainly focus on the analysis and evaluation of their experiences regarding the implementation of online and blended learning in their teaching. They will be asked, how and how often they apply blended learning, which tools and methods they prefer in the teaching and learning process; how much and whether they use synchronous and asynchronous learning or if they include hybrid formats as well; how much and what for they move to virtual classroom teaching and what the ratio is between on-campus learning, online (synchronous and asynchronous) learning and self-study periods.

The questionnaire for students will concentrate on the analysis and evaluation of online learning and blended learning as well regarding the efficiency of this teaching and learning method; if blended learning meets the needs of diverse student groups (part time and full time) due to the environmental situation; if the learning success is comparable to on-campus teaching and which kind of lectures or topics can be easily transformed into online or blended learning and which ones do not comply with this format.